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we have trawled the Internet looking for new and innovative uses of Camo or Camouflage patterns being used in Footwear. As we found so many different uses, we haev divided this section into 5 main sections. Each section includes a range of different products which cover both ‘Urban Camo’ designs which are targeted as fashion products as well as more traditional Camo Footwear designs which are more utilitarian based and tend to be designed for more ‘rugged’ outdoor use.

Trainers – The use of Camo in Trainers or Camo Sneakers tends to be for fashion. In many cases the original Camo designs have been enhanced to stand out more (which is obviously the opposite of the use of camouflage) Indeed some trainers have almost inverted the camo colour pallette and can now be seen in Camo Pink and Camo Bright blue.

Camo Boots – Almost exclusively designed for outdoor use, this section includes many boots which are popular for their rugged design and functionality such as waterproof, good grip etc. However, this section also includes several Camo items which would look equally at home at any Polo match.

Camo Sandals and Flip Flops – Most products in this section have used camo mainly for their design appeal and to look good on the beach. Indeed many of the major brands such as Etnies, Converse, Sanuk etc. include these items as a part of their range.

To round things off, we have also brought together a range of Camo patterned socks and Shoelaces each of which can have a dramatic effect when coupled with plain shoes.

To find our more about each of the items listed above, and see examples from each of the different sections, simply click on the relevant images above.